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i am missing the light of shisus in my life! i know you're busy, but if you find some time to update here your parishioners would be terribly grateful!

Ah yes my darling. I have been neglecting the light of our lord ShisusMcSexPants.

I shall certainly consider my prodigal return very soon.

I feel that his glorious light does indeed need to enter me again.

And again.

And again.

Amen shisusbless.

actual puppy, Choi Siwon

Actual priestess lady boner alert


Siwon for SKT LTE

through the years → siwon

Happy Birthday, Choi Siwon! ♥

I can’t not reblog this.

His divine lord stupidface hath commanded me.

May Shisus Bless your soul, Happy Birthday ♥

May Shisus Bless your soul, Happy Birthday ♥


From gospel singer to Choi Dambi


The power of worship my followers.